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How Ductless Mini Splits Can Solve Zoning Problems

Ductless Mini Splits Contractor

Many homeowners install ductless mini splits in their older homes that don't have room for air ducts. Some also install mini splits for room additions or for their home's basement because they are so small and need no air ducts.

Are there rooms in your house that are colder during winter or hotter than the rest of the house during summer? Ductless mini splits can also solve zoning problems. Here's how.

What Is A Zoning Problem?

Zoning is a term we use as HVAC contractors to describe a home with one or more rooms (or zones) that don't get heating and cooled well. That's a problem for the person who spends time in the uncomfortable zone while everyone else is happy and satisfied.

Ductless mini splits offer zoned comfort solutions that allow the room to be heated and cooled comfortably regardless of the temperature in the rest of the house. The unit has it's own temperature control and can comfortably heat and cool the room.

When Your Furnace Works Fine But Your Air Conditioning Doesn't

Ductless mini splits are available in all types of systems, including those that only provide air conditioning. Here in Ipswich, MA, it makes more sense to install a ductless mini split that provides both heating and cooling but that may not be true in your case.

Ductless Mini Splits For Quiet Comfort

That noisy old window air conditioner can be a thing of the past for your household. The quality ductless mini splits work more efficiently to heat and cool your home, all at very quiet operation. Many of our customers tell us that they don't even realize the unit is on.

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